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Britannica.com defines Computer Science as the study of computers and computing, including their theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, and their uses for processing information.

Throughout your Computer Science degree at Maynooth University, you will learn much more than just programming, such as Computational Thinking, Website Development and Networking. Computational Thinking is about combining the creativity of human thinking with the power of computing machines to solve problems across a range of disciplines. You will study all the essentials of computing and software, key areas in Mathematics and acquire hands-on programming skills and advanced problem solving techniques. Everyone uses computer systems every single day, yet we don’t understand how they work, studying Computer Science will gift you with the knowledge of understanding the intricacies of these systems.

Students working in the Computer Science Centre

Computer Science Department at
Maynooth University

The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1987 in the Faculty of Science. In addition to offering a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the Department has an active research programme. There are seventeen academic staff, nine support staff, thirty-five postgraduate research students, and over 500 undergraduates in Computer Science in the current academic year.

The Computer Science department building Eolas
A computer lab in Eolas


In October 2015, the new, €20.6 million, state of the art Computer Science building, Eolas, was opened. The Computer Science Department currently has seven software laboratories, equipped with over 350 PC workstations, for use by students using Windows and Linux; it also has a dedicated hardware laboratory. There are two large postgraduate research laboratories, with individual workstations for each research student. A number of research groups have their own special research laboratories.


The Computer Science Centre is a free tutoring service available for all of the first year Computer Science modules. The centre is aimed at all students regardless of their ability. The tutors have all recently completed the first year modules, so understand where students may be getting confused. They will help students understand aspects of the first year modules that they are having difficulty with and will go over any concepts and past lab sheets that students are struggling with. They also have advanced material for those looking for more of a challenge.

Students working with a tutor in the Computer Science Centre
Maynooth University Library

Maynooth University

Maynooth University is a vibrant, rapidly expanding third-level institution with more than 10,000 students. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Arts, Science, Engineering, Philosophy and Celtic Studies fields. In 2020, Maynooth University was ranked in the Top 50 Young Universities by Times Higher Education (THE) as well as being named among the Top 350 Universities in the World. Multiple new buildings, including a state of the art ICT hub, Eolas, have been built in recent years, resulting in the most up to date academic facilities and student accommodation. The campus also houses some of the finest state of the art research facilities in Ireland. The plans for the new Student Centre have also been released.

Maynooth University

Today Maynooth University is dynamic and innovative with students from every county in Ireland as well as an increasing number of international students. Situated 25km west of Dublin, it is located in Ireland's only university town, Maynooth, which combines the historical legacy of its medieval origins with a present day location on the fringes of Dublin, adjacent to the Irish and European headquarters of many multinational high technology companies, and others even closer in Leixlip, such as HP. It offers a student-friendly environment providing world-class teaching and research facilities and courses, while still retaining a uniquely friendly and personal atmosphere.

Maynooth University Library
The Your Space in Maynooth University

Student Facilities

Maynooth University offers state of the art facilities for student use. There are four dedicated computer rooms for student use in addition to various other locations around campus with internet access, a dedicated study room and two libraries. Student accommodation has recently been expanded and modernised and there is a creche located on the North Campus. The Students' Union bar & The Venue underwent renovation in 2012 and is adjoined to the Students' Union offices. The Phoenix building provides three sports halls for use by students and clubs & societies with an all-weather pitch behind it, as well as other great amenities such as a restaurant.

Clubs and Societies

Maynooth University has a wide variety of clubs and societies that are run by the students of the University. In total there are over 100 clubs and societies. Getting involved with a club or society is one of the best decisions a student can make as it allows them to make friends who are interested in similar things, who they may not have met through their course. There is something to interest everyone. Soccer, Art, Busking, GAA, Comedy, Music, Drama, Hockey, Games and History are just a sample of the clubs and societies you could get involved in. Best of all, if your hobby doesn't exist as a club or society, you can apply to make one! Clubs and Societies Fairs Day takes place at the beginning of the term, with over 130 stands showcasing what they have to offer.

The Clubs and Societies Awards Ball Cake

Computer Science Courses at
Maynooth University

The Department provides undergraduate programmes in Computer Science and Software Engineering and Computer Science as part of a Science or Arts degree. In addition, the Department provides the Computer Science component of numerous denominated degree programmes, including Biotechnology, Genetics & Bioinformatics, Physics with Astrophysics, Multimedia and Music Technology. More information on Computer Science courses in Maynooth University can be found on the departmental webpage.

Students working in the library