Computer Science Myths

The current President of Yahoo!, CFO of Microsoft, the 10 year old CEO of CoderBunnyz and the first African American to travel to space are all women and would strongly disagree. It is no secret the ratios of girls to boys in Computer Science are uneven. However, the number of girls taking Computer Science as a degree or part of their degree is always rising. There are a huge number of programmes and initiatives out there to encourage girls to try Computer Science. There is more information on our Women in CS page.

Female CS students working at a laptop

Every subject will have a group of students who are really passionate about that subject, who could be labelled as "nerds". Everyone uses computer systems daily so why can’t everyone do Computer Science? Computer Science classes in Maynooth University are filled with every type of person with a huge range of interests and abilities, from those who have always had a love of computers to those who realise the job prospects to those who try it in first year and find out they really enjoy it.

CS Students in a lecture hall in Maynooth University

The world of Computer Science is constantly changing, evolving and taking leaps forward. The phones of today were unimaginable 30 years ago, so what will have been invented in the next 30 years? The modules taught in Computer Science are so varied that at least one aspect will spark an interest in everyone. Topics covered include creating websites, programming, cryptography, hardware, databases and so much more. There are also opportunities in the degree programme to pick modules and projects which interest you.

A CS Students working on their project

Computer Science, while not without its tricky aspects, is manageable for every student coming out of secondary school. All the skills and concepts you need will be taught to you throughout your degree course, giving you plenty of time to head to the Student Union. There is also loads of support systems in place for students who are finding things difficult, including the Computer Science Centre.

A small friendly robot

Programming is by no means the only thing taught in Computer Science. In second year of Computer Science and Software Engineering, for example, two modules have a focus on programming, whilst the other 10 modules are related to other aspects of Computer Science, from Website Development to Operating Systems to important Maths.

A Robot holding a Micro:Bit, an Arduino, and a Raspberry Pi

There are so many opportunities for ICT jobs in Ireland with a huge number of tech giants located here, such as Google, Intel, Dell, Microsoft and SAP to name just a few. A recent study done by the Higher Education Authority stated that Computer Science and ICT has the highest proportion of graduates employed in Ireland within 9 months of completing their undergraduate degree. Solas has reported that since 2012, employment in the ICT sector has grown by 19%. You can see what some of the Computer Science graduates are doing on the Maynooth University website.

A group of CS students on their graduation day with the Head of the Computer Science Department

All the Maths you need will be taught to you throughout your course. Depending on your degree course, you will take one or two Maths modules per semester. The Maths modules you take are picked because of their importance and relevance to Computer Science. There is also loads of resources available to help students who are having difficulties, such as the Maths Support Centre.

Students in the Maths Support Centre getting assistance from a tutor