Computer Science Activities

3D Modelling

3D Modelling allows for a huge amount of creativity and imagination without having to learn any code. Find out how to make an ice cream and play a game of bowling in Blender. Once you have these mastered, try some of the advanced projects.

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Gaming in Unity

Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Unity is a powerful game engine, giving you the ability to create in both 2D and 3D! The engine is widely-used by some of the world's top developers and comes with a variety of great tools and pre-built assets, making it easy to get started. Take the first step towards game development and try the engine out today!

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Geographical Computation

Learn how to create an interactive Biodiversity Map in your browser. Biodiversity refers to the diversity of living things in an ecosystem, use the OpenStreetMaps api to make a map of different things related to biodiversity.

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MIT App Inventor

Learn how to develop an app for Android phones using MIT App Inventor.

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Music Technology

Learn to make music using SoundTrap, a website, and record and edit your voice and mix it with your music in Audacity, a free audio tool. You can record and edit your own songs, or add some well know songs and make them your own.

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Setanta is an new all-Irish programming language. Find out how to use Setanta to make animations, games and more, and learn some Irish along the way. Setanta is suitable for everyone, from total beginners to programming experts. Setanta runs in your browser, so there's no need to install anything!

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Turing Tumble

Computer games can be used to learn some of the computational thinking skills behind programming. Turing Tumble is a computer game that teaches programming skills through solving puzzles with a simplified programming language.

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Turtlestitch is based on a browser-based programming language Snap! to generate patterns for embroidery machines. Use your creativity and imagination to create designs, patterns, logos and much more. Start out making shapes and watch your creations grow

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Web & VR

Create your own reality without having to install anything. Learn how to make a treasure hunt on Gltich, a website, using the AFrame framework. Where you hunt for and what you are looking for is totally up to you.

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