Turing Tumble

02. Actions and Tools


Icons Description
Hand The hand tool allows you to manipulate things. Some parts can be flipped or rotated by clicking on them, and you can also drag parts and balls to different locations. Other parts like drops and turnstiles have special actions that happen when you click or drag the center. See the entries on those parts for details. Hold down control and drag to pan the view around, or just drag an empty part of the board. You can also resize the board by grabbing it by the edges.
Eraser The erase tool removes parts from the board. You click on a part to erase / remove it.
Ramp The Ramp tool adds a ramp to the board. It accepts a ball from both directions but it direct the ball to only one direction. You can place the ramps on the board in any direction and flip them later using the hand tool.
Crossover The Crossover tool adds a crossover to the board. The ball enters from either side and exit from the opposite side.
Interceptor The interceptor tool adds an interceptor to the board. It catches the ball from either side and stops it from moving further.
Bit The bit tool adds a bit to the board. It accepts balls from either side and directs them to one side, just like a ramp. As it accepts the ball it switches so that it directs the next ball to the other direction. You can also flip bit tool using hand tool.
Gearit The gear bit tool adds a gear bit to the board. It works similar to bit. Gear bit flip each other. We can connect them together with gears and all the connected gear bits will always point in same way.
Gear The gear tool adds a gear part to the board. They don’t interact with balls, all they do is connect gears together.
Ball The ball tool allows you to add and remove balls. If you need to add balls to the board you can select the ball tool and click it on the part of the board to add to add one and and clicking on a place where there is a ball will remove it.
Drop The drop tool adds a drop part to the board. Drops release balls one by one. You can add balls to the drop, and then release one by either clicking in the middle of the drop with the hand tool or using a turnstile.
Turnstile The turnstile tool adds a turnstile part to the board. Turnstiles receive balls from either side and route them to one side, but each time a ball goes through, the nearest drop will release another ball.
Side The side tool adds a vertical wall to the board, which blocks balls from travelling horizontally.
Slope The slope tool adds angled slopes that direct balls horizontally across the board.


Icon Description
schematics The schematic action toggles between physical simulation mode and schematic simulation mode. In physical mode, the parts look and act like parts of a real Turing Tumble. In schematic mode, they have a simpler look and action, but the balls should follow the same overall path as they would in physical mode.
Zoom in It is used to make the view of the board bigger.
Zoom out It is used to make the view of the board smaller.
Zoom to fit It zooms in or out so the whole board is showing at the largest possible size.
Faster It makes the simulation run faster.
Slower It makes the simulation run slower.
Return It returns all the balls on the board to their drops.
Board Drawer It opens and closes an extra toolbar with additional actions that aren’t used as much.
Board Small It clears the board and resets it to the same standard layout as a real Turing Tumble.
Board Medium It clears the board and sets up a slightly larger version of the standard layout.
Board Large It clears the board and sets up a slightly larger version of the standard layout.
Board Clear It removes all parts and balls from the board without changing its size
Clear Balls It removes all the balls from the board but leaves all the parts in place.
Download It allows you to download the game as a PNG image.
Upload It allows you to upload a PNG image, which will replace the entire state of the board.

Created by: Prabhnoor Kaur

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