Music Technology

01. Introduction to Music Technology

This series of tutorials will introduce you music technology, which is one of the active and new areas around the world. Since Music Tech is working on music, there are several applications that not only interest scientists and researchers but also interest musicians and ordinary people. This tutorial is not working on technical issues behind processing and analysing sound or composition, but it teaches you how to make your music in a simple and fast way; of course, with lots of fun. We will use SoundTrap, which is a website for making music. It is straightforward to use and you don’t need to have a background in music. In addition, we will learn how to record and edit our voice and mix it with our music. Audacity, a free audio tool, will be employed to record and edit our voice. In summary, if you like music, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial is comprised of several videos that you will need to watch in the sequence.

In the first tutorial there is a short description of music technology and an overview of what will happen in this series. Furthermore, the requirements and how to go to SoundTrap’s music studio to create our music are shown.

Created by: Behnam Faghih