Music Technology

03. Adding Drums to our Music

In the third video, we will learn how to make our drums by using Patterns Beat Maker in SoundTrap.

Adding Drum`s

Firstly, what does the drum do in music and more importantly music technology? 
The drum provides rhythm. It contains authenticity and brings feeling to the music!

A lot of music, rock and electronic has drum beat. However electronic music brings beat into their music.
  • You must add a new track.

  • Select the drum option.

  • Once in the drums section of the site, select patterns. In patterns , you have many options to select different drum pattern sounds. Patterns1

  • You can select when each pattern is played. Press the + Add button and the down arrow to select which pattern you prefer.

  • There are boxes in the patterns section. These boxes are divided into one eighth beats. 1/8. Select when you want the pattern to be played to make it sound good.


  • Bring the blue line (image in the previous step!) to the beginning of the track.

  • Press play. Remember the purple Save button often! Save

Created by: Behnam Faghih, Caoimhe Wright-Graydon