13. How to Add Writing Your Pattern

How To Add Text To Your Pattern On TurtleStitch

Adding text

  1. To add writing to your pattern, you can do a few things.
  2. to start off you could go to the search section on the TurtleStitch Website and search alphabet and you will be given different projects you can use to create your words.

    Search Alphabet

  3. However, there is a button that works perfectly to write something in your pattern.

  4. Go to the motion section and scroll down, you should see a button that says, "draw text [hello] with size [21]". You can change the word hello to anything you want, and you can also change the size to be bigger or smaller.

  5. You can also try out different types of stitches with this draw text button to make it thicker. This is up to you.

    Adding text to design

Created by: Hope Boyle