11. How to Create Different Stitches Using TurtleStitch

How To Use Different Stitches on TurtleStitch

Using Different Stitches

  1. To start off, create a pattern of your choice, it could be a square or a spiral of triangles. Anything you feel confident in making. In this project, I will be using a circle.

  2. Once you have done that, you can go to the embroidery section and look at the options of stitches you have.

  3. In previous projects, we have been using a running stitch by10. We are going to take that running stitch out of our block of code and swap it for another one.

  4. Here is a list of the ones I used in the video above and some pictures to go with it.

    Running stitch:

    Running Stitch

    Cross stitch:

    Cross Stitch

    Zigzag stitch:

    Zigzag Stitch


    Z Stitch

    Satin Stitch:

    Satin Stitch

    Tatami Stitch:

    Tatami Stitch

  5. A jump stitch allows you to move to another place without a thick noticeable line being left like a running stitch. When the green tick is seen, the jump stitch is on. When the red x is there is is back to your normal running stitch. See image below: Jump Stitch

Created by: Hope Boyle