05. How to Create a Triangle on TurtleStitch

How to Create a Triangle on TurtleStitch

Creating a Triangle

  1. To begin you will go to the control section and drag with reset button over to the middle section of the page. See image below: Using the reset button

  2. You will also need a repeat button from the same section and drag that button over to where the reset button is.

  3. Then you need to go to the motion section and drag move 10 steps button and the turn 15 degrees button into the repeat loop. You will need to change the 15 degrees to 240 and change the 10 steps to 210 to create a bigger triangle.
  4. The last step is to go to the embroidery section and drag the running stitch by 10 button and insert it between the reset and repeat button in you block of code.
  5. Click the block and it should print out your triangle on the right-hand side. The image below shows how the block of code should look like and your pattern.

    Basic Triangle

Created by: Hope Boyle