12. How to Create a Picture on TurtleStitch

How To Create a Design on TurtleStitch

Using Different Shapes to Create Designs

  1. Start off by getting your reset and repeat button from the control section and dragging them to your middle section. Starting The Picture

  2. Create some shapes and putting them into their own block named the shape you have created. In this case, I will be creating 4 shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, and a Star. Different Shapes To Create Picture

    Creating Block For Each Shape

  3. You can then start creating a block of code that create a picture by using different motion button and using your jump stitch button. This allows you to move to different sections without a thick stitch being in the background.

  4. I will attach an image that shows the code to create the pattern beside it. Block Of Code And Pattern

Created by: Hope Boyle