04. How to Make a Circle on TurtleStitch

How to make a circle on TurtleStitch

Creating a Circle

  1. To make a basic circle, you need to open a new project. To begin you will go to the control section and drag with reset button over to the middle section of the page. See image below: Using the reset

  2. Then you are going to look for the repeat button, drag it over to the middle section where your reset button is. Then change the number 10 to 75. This allows it to repeat what you put inside the repeat loop 75 times.

  3. Now go to the motion section and pick move 10 steps and drag it into the repeat loop. Also, in the same motion section, you will need to drag over the turn clockwise button and put it under the move steps button. Change the number 15 to 5 in the turn button.

  4. The last button you need to put in your block of code is the running stitch 10. You will need to drag this button to your block and insert it between the reset and repeat button.

  5. This is your block of code finished and when you click on it should print out your pattern of a circle.

Creating a Circle

Created by: Hope Boyle