Gaming in Unity

10. Unity 2D Game 6 - Health User Interface


In this guide, we will use UI Builder to create the User Interface for HealthBar!

Step 1 - UI Builder Set-up

To add a health bar, we're going to make use of Unity's UI Builder.

UI Builder is currently in pre-release so we need to open Edit -> Project Settings -> Package Manager and then tick Enable Preview Packages.


Open Window -> Package Manager and then install UI Builder.


We also need to add UI Toolkit.

Click the plus in the top left and then type com.unity.ui

Click add.


Step 2 - Building UI

Open UI Builder by going to Window -> UI Toolkit -> UI Builder.

This is the UI Builder layout.


To start with, drag a VisualElement from the Library and place it in the Hierarchy window.

Click on the VisualElement to open its properties in the Inspector.

Change the following:

Name: Container

Flex -> Direction: Row

Align -> Justify Content: Space-between

Size -> Width: 175px

Size -> Height: 40px


Drag another VisualElement and make it a child of Container. Change the following:

Name: Heart

Size -> Width: 25%

Margin & Padding -> Margin: 1px

Background -> Image: Heart.png

Background -> Image Tint: #FF0000

Copy and paste the heart four times.


Save by going to File -> Save As at the top of Viewport.

Save in Assets -> UI as HealthBar.uxml

Step 3 - Adding UI to Game

Create a Panel Settings Asset file.


Add a UI Document component to SpriteCharacter.

Set the Panel Settings to be the PanelSettings Asset you just created.

Set Source Asset to HealthBar.


Your HealthBar should now appear in-game!

Created by: David Corish